Questions Welcome

It’s natural to have questions about God and Christianity
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Thinking Ahead

In today’s culture of equality and spiritual plurality, Christianity can feel exclusive, confusing, and even outdated.
We welcome questions and believe it is 100% worth your time to wrestle through any doubts, skepticism, or areas of concerns.

We Like Questions

Here are questions many people ask about God, Jesus, and Christianity.

Question 1

There can’t be just one true religion, right?

Question 2

How do we know God exists?

Question 3

Doesn’t science disprove Christianity?

Question 4

How can a good God allow suffering?

Question 5

Is the story of Jesus true?

Question 6

Can we trust the Bible?

Question 7

How can I know God?

Other Resources

Here is a short list of resources that may further your exploration of Christianity:

  • Mere Christianity by CS Lewis
  • Basic Christianity by John Stott
  • The Reason for God by Tim Keller
  • The Prodigal God by Tim Keller
  • Unapologetic by Francis Spufford
  • Hope Has Its Reasons by Rebecca Pippert

Want to learn more about Jesus?

One of our pastors would love to grab coffee or lunch and help you process some of your questions as you think through the Christian faith.