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Tables of Eight

What is Tables of Eight?

Tables of Eight is a planned potluck meal for eight adults held in someone’s home, backyard, or at a local restaurant. It’s an opportunity to get better acquainted with people in the church that we may not know very well yet. 

All adults, 18 years old and upsingle, married, young parents, empty-nesters, retirees, whether this has been your home for 20 years or you’ve visited a few timesare invited to participate!

Our next gathering is Saturday, August 13. Sign-up below!

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Everyone who signs up will be placed in a group with a host on the day(s) of their choice. The host will decide on a menu or theme for the meal and contact the people in their group to ask them to bring an item for the meal. You could even pick a “theme night,” (i.e. Italian night, Mexican Night, soup night, etc), and have everyone bring a dish that goes with that theme.

The host facilitates the conversation around the table and allows each person to be able to share. The goal of this time is to (re)connect as a church after an extended period of being apart while sharing a meal together. It’s that simple. This is really intended to be a pretty laid-back, simple, relaxed evening with other adults in the church. No strings attached.

I want to host but MY HOUSE IS SMALL OR I CAN'T COOK ETC..

You might choose to host in your yard, a park, a beach, or even at a restaurant (where everyone pays their own way). And as a host, you aren’t responsible for cooking everything, or even anything! You could purchase a rotisserie chicken, for example, and ask everyone to bring sides. This is about getting to know each other over a relaxed meal, not about how big/nice your house is or how well you can cook.

can i bring my kids?

This is not a family event, although we would like to encourage parents of all ages to attend. This is a chance to interact with other adults. For this summer we’re going to keep the focus on adults gathering. It may be that there are kids in the host’s home, and that is fine. Our goal this summer, however, is to get our adults sharing conversation together.

How are groups formed? can i request a certain group or host?

Groups will be formed based on preferences including location and date. (You cannot request a certain group or host.) You will receive more details from the host by email after you sign-up.

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact us at [email protected]