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Questions Welcome

It’s natural to have questions about God and Christianity

Thinking Ahead

In today’s culture of equality and spiritual
plurality, Christianity can feel exclusive,
confusing, and even outdated.

We welcome questions and believe it is 100% worth your time to
wrestle through any doubts, skepticism, or areas of concerns."

We Like Questions

Here are 7 questions many people ask about God, Jesus, and Christianity.

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There can’t be just one true religion, right?

One of the most significant issues that many have with Christianity is its claim that Jesus is the only way we can have forgiveness from and start a true relationship with God. How can Christians be so exclusivist in our modern, pluralistic age?

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How do we know God exists?

The question of God’s existence has been the center of many books, debates, and discussions. In dealing with such a big question, it’s best to step back and figure out where to start.

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Doesn’t science disprove Christianity?

Ever since the rise of modern science, there have been vocal proponents of the view that science and religious belief are incompatible. But many scientists who do not believe in God, argue that the natural sciences are consistent with both atheism and conventional religious belief.

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How can a good God allow suffering?

The problem of evil has traditionally been stated in this way: the existence of evil is logically inconsistent with belief in a perfectly good, all-powerful, and all-knowing God. But there is another aspect to the problem

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Is the story of Jesus true?

Almost every Easter and Christmas, Jesus makes the headlines. We see Him on the covers of Time or Newsweek, “Did Jesus Exist?”; “What Do We Really Know about Jesus?”. And we are often left wondering, “Can we really know whether the story of Jesus is true?”

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Can we trust the Bible?

Christianity teaches that God is not silent, but that He is a God who is constantly communicating to us.

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How can I know God?

In order to form a personal relationship with God, you must know 3 things: Who you are, Who God is, and What you must do.

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Other Resources

Videos on Tough Questions About Christianity

Here are 15 brief video responses on some of the most common questions about Christianity, including Why bother with church?; I'm a decent person - surely I'll be fine?; and Aren't all religions basically the same?

Books Recommendations

Here is a short list of resources that may further your exploration of Christianity:

Mere Christianity by CS Lewis
Basic Christianity by John Stott
The Reason for God by Tim Keller
The Prodigal God by Tim Keller
Unapologetic by Francis Spufford
Hope Has Its Reasons by Rebecca Pippert


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