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Our Story

Advancing a gospel movement

Since our inception in 2013, Redeemer has seen God at work in dynamic ways. By God’s grace, we’ve grown into a vibrant multiethnic and intergenerational community with an unswerving commitment to be a church not only for ourselves but for others.

Yet with nearly 1.3 million people in San Diego who don’t know Jesus, we believe there’s much more ahead. To that end, Redeemer is taking a bold step forward in advancing a gospel movement. It’s with joyful expectancy and excitement that we share with you the heartbeat of this next chapter, The Flourish Initiative.


Give to the Flourish Initiative

Thank you so much for watching this video and for your prayerful consideration and partnership in the gospel. Together, let’s ask and expect great things of God for Redeemer and San Diego.

The Big Picture

Our Plan

Church Planting

We believe that the most significant way to make a lasting impact on our city is through a movement of like-minded churches, seeking the well-being of every neighbor, while embodying and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be launching Trinity San Diego as our first church plant in the spring of 2019!

  • What: A church for both Christians and non-Christians alike
  • Where: Rancho Bernardo / 4S Ranch
  • When: Easter 2019

Interested in learning more about Trinity San Diego?
Email Pastor Jonathan and/or head to www.trinitysd.org.

Redeemer Campus Improvements

In order to support our vision of being a place where everyone is invited to experience the life-changing power of the gospel, significant campus improvements are necessary to cultivate a safe and welcoming experience for you, your friends, and our neighbors.

  • A comprehensive renovation to the Redeemer Kids building
  • A redesign and repurposing of the central patio area
  • Updates to the foyer and Worship Center
  • Redesigned multi-purpose spaces
  • New landscaping and use of recycled water for irrigation

Our Vision


Our Rule

The Invitation

What if you intentionally prayed for God to ignite a vision for flourishing in your own life, in our church, and throughout San Diego?

What if you trusted God with new levels of generosity and sacrifice and gave towards the upcoming church plant as well as improving our home here at Redeemer?

What if God is calling you to prayerfully go and be a part of bringing a new church to life?

Give to the Flourish Initiative

The Booklet

See the Vision

In this booklet you will find a detailed plan of our specific vision, including renderings of campus improvements.

Get Help

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Flourish Initiative?

From our inception, Redeemer has been guided by a vision for the flourishing of San Diego. In this season, we believe the best way to advance a gospel movement within our city and through those who call Redeemer home is through a two-part initiative: church planting and campus improvements. First, we believe church planting is the single best way to make a significant, long-term impact within San Diego. We’re excited to announce the launch of our first church plant, Trinity Presbyterian Church of San Diego! Second, in order to support our vision for serving San Diego, some significant campus improvements are necessary to cultivate a safe and welcoming experience for you, your friends, and our neighbors.

How much are we looking to raise and how will the money be allocated?

The financial goal for The Flourish Initiative is $2 million. $1.65M is being allocated for campus improvements. $250K is being allocated for Trinity. And we’ll be reserving $100K for contingency funds for either campus improvements or church planting.

What does the relationship between Redeemer and Trinity actually look like?

Redeemer is launching Trinity with the express hope of Trinity becoming a self-sustaining church within 2-3 years. We have a vision for creating a family of churches as the future unfolds. For now, however, we are actively using the language of “shared values, distinct identity” as it relates to our current and future relationship.

Who will be leading the new church plant?

Pastor Jonathan Kerhoulas will be the new lead pastor of Trinity. Jonathan currently serves Redeemer as the Pastor of Spiritual Formation. He has been on staff with Redeemer for the past 4 years. He and his wife Danielle have three children, Mason, Penny, and Aaron.

Where will Trinity be located as it begins?

We will be launching Trinity in 4S Ranch. Within a new and developing neighborhood like 4S Ranch, change, innovation, and growth are part of the fabric of the community. New homes, new companies, and new families are finding their way to this part of the city. This is just one reason a new church makes sense. We’ll be meeting at the Design-39 School, a local K-8 public charter school, as we launch.

What type of campus improvements are we planning to do?

A major component of this initiative involves updating the kid's building to add more classrooms for our growing children's ministry. With these significant improvements, this building will also be an inviting and warm space to hold classes and gatherings for all ministries at Redeemer. We are also updating our patio area, so that it can be an inviting place to connect with others. Additional areas of our campus, including our Worship Center, restrooms, and main foyer, will also undergo updates, as many areas have not been addressed since 1992. Last, The Flourish Initiative will enable us to make improvements so that we are in compliance with the updated safety codes and ordinances (e.g., fire, safety, and the American Disabilities Act).

Ways to Give

Giving Guide

We’re asking everyone who calls Redeemer home to participate in a prayerful decision making process that may lead to a financial commitment above and beyond your regular giving. Your pledge can be fulfilled as a one-time gift or in installments over the next 12 months.

Here are a few suggested levels of generosity for you to consider.


Give to the Flourish Initiative

Still have questions?

One of our staff members would love to talk with you and answer any specific questions you have on Redeemer, church planting, or our planned campus improvements.

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