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Prayer & Fasting

He Shall Be Called!

Together, our church will seek God’s face and favor as we reach out to the lost and disengaged during the Advent season. Join us for five days of prayer and fasting starting on November 29 – December 3, Monday – Friday.

How to Join

Step One: You choose the type of fasting; some examples include:

-Daniel fast (no meats, sweets, breads, alcohol)

-Green smoothies, 3xday (e.g. greens, berries, water, protein powder)

-Media fast: no social media, movies, tv, etc.

-Fast 1 meal each day (e.g. no lunch) and use that time for prayer

Step Two: Join us for daily prayer calls at either 7:30am or 5:00pm, 30 minutes each time, in order to gather together for prayer and encouragement.

Register: Please use the link below to participate, and to receive resources and prayer call links!

Five days of Prayer & Fasting from November 29 - December 3.